The key visual of the whole project and the default animation on the projection screen.

This is how the animation looks like.

This is how the space being set up with one Windows 8 computer and 3 sides of projection.

This is the live footage from the exhibition.

We have designed five apps to invite users to experience window 8. Each app has it’s own UI and different response on the projection accordingly.

Start Up: Start App UI and welcome screen. We asked users to log-in their facebook account and took a picture to start the experience.

Internet Explore: This is the only night scenes out of the 5 apps we worked on. The contents of what users are browsing were showing on the projection. The flying papers were the mask that shows the contents.

Exhibition App (Digital Art Performance Awards): This right is the UI on the computer.

Exhibition App (Animation Gallery ): User’s eyes,nose, and mouth would be projected on the big screen according to the picture being took in the beginning. This right is the UI on the computer.

Exhibition App (Spanish Video Program): User’s face would be projected on the big screen.

Facebook: This is the UI on the computer when user tapped in facebook app.

Facebook App UI: sending message. We encouraged people to post a message on their facebook wall. The animation on the projection screen would change too.

When user was in facebook app, the name would be shown on the screen to show this is their garden. Their status and friends' profile photos would also appear on the screen.

Windows 8: the Second Reality

“Technology brings us choices with more diversity, and toward to the future. Through the windows of a soul, people see the possibilities of life; through the windows online, people see the possibilities of crossing-borders. What will we see through the windows this time?”

An interactive installation project for Microsoft in the Digital Art Festival Taipei 2012. It was placed at Applied Technology Exhibition Area.

This project displayed before the coming of Windows 8. Microsoft wanted us to think of something interesting when using the Windows 8 system in relation to the festival’s theme(The Second Reality). We decided to hook up the computer to a 3 sides projection and have different themes happening while users using the Windows 8 apps.

I set the basic tone, designed key visual and UI of apps for this project. I have also worked with a team to come up with ideas for the responses on the projection the apps trigger.

Installation, Animation, User Interface