HTC Ice View Case – Perfectly Orchestrated to Do More This is one of the video from M10 promoting series. This one is specifically about the new Ice View case that came with the new phone. Ice View is the case that allows users to interact with their phone when the cover is closed. The original idea came from our creative graphic design team to have phones tapped like piano keys with music playing. Everything else morphed to its own way along with production.

We shot various phones from various angles and then realigned or added more of them in the post. We also shot different gestures from hands in front of green screen to composite them afterwards.
Storyboard: References Shooting.
Various poses of hand shooting in front of green screen. We used Canon 5D to shoot still photos of phones. This is for compositing the UI. I needed to know exactly where the UI is on the phone. Final Compositing. Music Franz Liszt has transcribed all nine of Beethoven's symphonies to solo piano pieces. We decided to use the piano work in the beginning of the video to present the concept of piano keys better. And then merge the music into a orchestra version to have a grand ending.

HTC Ice View Case – Perfectly Orchestrated to Do More

A stop motion video inspired by music from Beethoven.

Canon 5D