VR-Paper | Print

I am working on a VR project called “Paper | Print” with a couple of friends in our spare time. This group’s name is Invirtual and I am the only designer in this group.

We recreate in VR the paper-making process based on the book : The Exploitation of the Works of Nature(1637) form Song Yingxing. I designed and created every visual element for the project.

The project: Users can create their own paper from scratch and then choose words to print on it in this VR experience. We would also like to have interaction for users to bridge the virtual world and our real reality. Therefore after this experience, users can then bring home a real piece of handmade paper which looked exactly like the one in the virtual world with their choosing words printed on it.

This project was awarded the Second Jury Prize in Hackathon Taiwan VR Contest in 2016.


This is the logo I designed for the project. Chinese characters are normally read from top to the bottom and right to the left before influences from Western culture. The character on the right side is "Paper" with bamboo leaves on top. The character on the left side is "Print".

Handmade Paper

Users can take away a handmade paper with their choosing words on it.


This project was exhibited at Information Technology Month convention in 2016. It was also displayed at Main Library of New Taipei City Library for three months in 2017. This is the template for poster being displayed in these occasions.

Virtual Reality-Paper | Print

A VR Project about old way of making paper and printing in China.

Design everything related.
Virtual Reality