Shot Breakdown

0"--13" : These are works I’ve done primarily with Cinema 4D. Some of them are personal projects while others are for design process or style frame for work.

13"--14" : HTC X9(2016), I was the main animator of this video.

14"--16" : HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle(2016), I was the main designer/animator of this video.

16"--18" : HTC 10 Boomsound shot(2016), I was tasked to come up with a never-used-by-our company-before Boomsound scene for HTC 10 in 2 days, and this is the final result of it.

18"--19" : HTC One Me(2015), I was the main designer/animator of this video. The fabric was rendered by another 3D artist.

19"--21" : HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle(2016)

21"--27" : HTC M9/M9+(2015), I was the main designer/animator of this video.

24"--26": VIVE Focus, I was tasked to make a reveal video for the Google and HTC collaborated product.

27"--30" : n/a(2016), These are animation exercises for School of Motion class(Animation Bootcamp).

31"--32": A Dream Journey in Taipei(2013), I was the the main visual/interaction designer for this hall 4.

32"--34" : Windows 8 : The Second Reality(2012), I was the visual/interaction/UI designer of this project.

34"--36" : 2012: Time for Change(2010), this is my first professional project when I was a freelance designer/animator at Curious Pictures in New York. I was part of a 7 people team to make animation sequences for this feature documentary film.

37"--39" : HTC Ice View Case(2016), I was the main designer/animator of this video.

41"--43" : ToDo List App(2013), I designed this app mockup and did the animation simulation for a Finland company based in Taipei.

43"--45": Happy Holidays(2012), a small project I did in spare time.

46"--48" : Der Mond(2014), a personal project for Lunar Festival.

48"--50" : 3D stuff(2010), this was my first attempt to make something using Cinema 4D.

50"--51": U film(2017), this was one of the process clips while developing the final video, which was done by outsource agency.

52"--53" : The Life & Inventions of Thomas A. Edison (2009), I did this for the assignment of Ed Benguiat’s Typography class at School of Visual Arts.